Friday, June 22, 2007

.. Fushigi Yuugi..

Wow is the key word for this Anime series! Wonderful art and wonderful story is basically what Fushigi Yuugi is! Unlike the usual Anime series which takes place in Japan, this series takes place in Ancient China. That of which explains why the characters wear "China-like" clothes.

Fushigi Yuugi is about 2 girls who find a book in the National Library in Japan. As they read the book, the book absorbs them into another world (Ancient China). At this world the two girls play a key role in the outcome of the story of the book. As the two girls progress through the book, the story is being written. The goal for the two girls is to summon the god of which they represent so that they can receive 3 wishes. On the journey, these girls will meet up with Seishis which help the girls out.

Our little summary is a bit confusing but after you start watching the series it should be all clear to you guys. With SD scenes and surprising events, this makes this series wonderful. This series is not at all predictable, and it contains both love and action. Both women and men audiences should enjoy this series, for this series also has bishounen and bishoujos!

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